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Liming and Tanning

Leather working is a long process that involves many stages. The purpose of tanning is to preserve the hides making it resistant, elastic and soft over time.

The Riviera process is the first phase that is performed on raw hides and consists of a chemical operation, carried out in wooden drums, which eliminates the hair and rehydrates the hides, making them durable and ready for the subsequent drying phases: pickling, tanning, pressing, splitting, shaving and dyeing, with subsequent final finishing.
The tanning process stabilizes the proteins in the raw hide, preventing it from rotting and preparing it for a wide variety of final applications, therefore, it is essential for obtaining a high quality standard.
For this reason, Laba has an entire team of specialized technicians and highly skilled human resources to study the best tanning for our customers' hides and the problems deriving from them.

From this first tanning process (also called pre-tanning) we obtain two types of intermediate products depending on the chemical reagents that are used: Wet Blue leather, so called due to its blue color, and Wet White leather, chrome free, the processing of which is based on titanium salts.

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