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Chrome Free

The Research & Development department of Laba has been studying for years a valid alternative to chromium that could have a lesser impact on the environment and create multiple advantages, even in terms of sustainability, for the user companies: this is how zeolite-based tanning was introduced. The term zeolite indicates a large family of minerals whose origin can be natural or synthetic and whose use and field of application can vary according to the characteristics possessed by the same mineral. Known and used for hundreds of years, even in the food sector, this complex silicate does not require any artificial chemical process to arise, it does not transform, therefore it does not decay, and is not subject to any chemical variation, as instead happens for chromium.



  • Optimization of working conditions inside the tannery

  • Reduction of 70-80% of sulphates

  • Halving of sulphidesulhydrates

  • Reduction of COD

  • Reliable and constant quality of the tanned material

  • Achievement of brighter finishes and lighter tints

  • Reduction of the use of titanium dioxide

Colore singolo.jpeg

In an increasingly green & clean perspective, Laba is also committed to finding a modern solution for the disposal of residues from leather shaving. In collaboration with a well-known partner specialized in the fertilizer sector, it is working to obtain the reuse of these wastes as natural fertilizers in any type of crop.

Finally, Laba, in close collaboration with Acque del Chiampo SpA and its Experimental Centre, has always been committed, with a view to the circular economy, to researching an innovative management of supply chain waste, so that it can be recovered and reused, after have been subjected to specific treatments, within consortium purification plants.

The goal in the near future is to be able to use the sludge produced to produce clean energy.

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