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Laba Consulting

Since 1989 we have been promoting the excellence of Made in Italy materials and production all over the world, offering solutions aimed at the production needs of established brands, as well as emerging ones, in the footwear, leather goods and furniture sectors. Thanks to a continuous development of skills, we are able to provide unique support even during the conception and design of your products, accelerating their realization times.

From initial ideas, to prototyping, to the creation phases in the final production, we are always at your side with a complete, efficient and dynamic consultancy service. Ours is a partnership-based approach, which is based on proven methodologies and years of experience.


✔ An organic set of technical-professional skills, declined in relation to highly specialized areas.

✔ Continuous innovation in materials, use of leather and manufacturing techniques.

✔ Product, social and process sustainability.

✔ Creativity, ability to interpret and the possibility of drawing on historical archives from which to draw inspiration.

✔ Service and development of "custom-made" projects.

✔ Integrated internal cycle that reduces sampling and delivery times.

✔ International sourcing capabilities and product engineering for multiple price ranges

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