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After the wet-end manufacturing process, the leather is treated with coatings and finishing solutions to modify, enhance or develop its appearance or characteristics. This process is called leather finishing. The first step is to apply requalification solutions that cover grain defects - release paper is one example. The leathers are finished to support the customer's visual and physical specifications. The various articles are personalized with the finishing.

Spray booth

This phase involves the use of automatic spray lines

where the hides, placed on conveyor belts, are sprayed on the surface inside booths equipped with a series of rotating guns.

Finishing with the roller - coater has the advantage of buffering the leather as well as finishing it, allowing the use of even denser blends, considerably reducing the environmental impact deriving from the use of paints and colors. Driven by a deep environmental ethics, Laba technicians do their utmost every day in the search for innovative solutions - methods and technologies - which responds to the requests of its customers both in terms of quality and environmental compatibility.

This department, with a production capacity of 80,000 to 100,000 m2/month with 1 shift (as based on the reference article), has: 

  • 6 spray booths

  • different types of machines for specific processes 

  • 1 Gemata line

  • 1 line of new technology

Roller coater

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